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Wiiija Records

Heavenly are: Amelia Fletcher (vocals, guitar), Mathew Fletcher (drums), Peter Momtchiloff (guitar), Rob Pursey (bass), Cathy Rogers (vocals, keyboard)

Amelia, Mathew, Peter, and Rob previously played together in Oxford-based cutie punk legends Talulah Gosh, although Rob left the band before they ever recorded anything. TG lasted just two years from March 1986 to January 1988, during which time they recorded 5 singles and two radio 1 sessions (all collected on a retrospective LP Backwash released on K in May 1996).

After a year's break, during which Amelia made some ill-fated sorties into the land of disco (which can be heard on a single "Can you Keep a Secret?" released by Fierce Records), Heavenly was formed in the summer of 1989. Cathy joined the group in summer 1991.

From 1990 to 1994 Heavenly recorded for Sarah Records of Bristol, releasing three LPs (Heavenly vs Satan 1991, Le Jardin de Heavenly 1992, The Decline and Fall of Heavenly 1994) and several singles.

Since 1991 their records have been put out in America by K Records of Olympia. This label is co-run by long-time hero Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and Dub Narcotic, a long-time associate of the group, who provides guest vocals on "C is the Heavenly Option" (on Le Jardin de Heavenly), and on "Pet Monkey" (on the new LP, to be released on K and Wiiija in September 1996). "Trophy Girlfriend" is the song on a split single with Bis, released on K on the 17th June and also featured on the new L.P.

Various members of the band also have side projects. Mathew released an LP and two singles under the name of Bugbear, Cathy's other band, Gilroy, has released one single and are soon to release an LP. Amelia was part of The Carousel, the group started by Elizabeth Price (the original 2nd girl vocalist with Talulah Gosh).

The band has played over 100 shows in Britain , and made regular visits to America, Japan, and Europe. They have played with such excellent bands as Beat Happening, Bis, BMX Bandits, Bratmobile, Comet Gain, Huggy Bear, Lois, Lungleg, Orlando, and Prolapse. They have recorded two sessions for John Peel.

Since the tragic suicide of Mathew Fletcher in June, the band have not yet made any concrete plans about their future. It is likely that they will go into the studio next year and experiment. Hopefully new material will be ready by late 1997 and the band will be ready to tour with it, but it is far too early to make any definitive statements.

The latest album, Operation Heavenly, completed before Mathew's death, is their strongest, most commercial sounding material yet. Full of powerful pop songs, we hope that the album turns out to be their mature, full-bodied 4th album rather than their perfect swansong.

There is no reason why Heavenly won't continue to produce their finely crafted songs and sharp lyrics. Their next album is a-glitter with fine pop-tunes, speedy punk riffs and scathing lyrics, qualities that have always been present in Heavenly's music, but went largely unnoticed by the media who stuck to their misconception of the band as 'twee'. Forgetting of course, that part of the C86 scene was its' punk rock fury and D.I.Y. ethic. An inspiration to the indie scene since their formation, influencing bands such as Bis and Comet Gain, Heavenly are likely to remain making pop music well into the next milennium!