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"Unlike many bands which find the word "twee" sprinkled throughout their reviews, Heavenly has learned, over the years, to play its instruments adeptly and has developed a sophisticated song writing style" - CMJ - 1994

  • Amelia Fletcher (b. Jan 1, 1966) vocal, guitar
  • Cathy Rogers (b.May 29, 1968) vocals, keyboard
  • Peter Momtchiloff (b. Mar 10, 1962) guitar
  • Robert Pursey (b. May 27, 1964) bass
  • Mathew Fletcher (b. Nov 5, 1970 - d. Jun 14, 1996) drums


    Q: Isn't something missing in this page? I guess it should have a story of the band or something...
    A: should it?
    If you insist... Heavenly appeared in 1990, releasing a single at Sarah's Records. But members started long time ago at punk band Talulah Gosh. Talulah Gosh was a lovely band that played lovely punk rock (no proper definition is available, so listen to "Backwash", their compilation album). In 1992, heavenly released their second full-album, Le Jardin de Heavenly, also released in US by calvin Johnson's K Records. Calvin sings on track "C is a Heavenly Option", and no doubt this was very helpful for Heavenly start.
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