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This page was created 12 January 1997 by Stéphan Roy. Last modified October 15th 1999.

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  • On Stage
  • playing guitar, smiling
    playing guitar, looking on the side
    clapping hands
    singing, smiling playing guitar. What a hair cut ;-) WHERE IS MY MICROPHONE ? ;-)
    [Provided by
    J-C Boutal]
    (300x440) (450x275)
    [Provided by
    Lance Dobersek]

  • In The Streets of Paris
  • having breakfast, laughing out in a short yellow outfit
    carrying shopping bags, jogging in a see-through outfit

  • Angel Face...
  • looking at you

  • Dressing Session
  • Sharleen Spiteri, Model
    sitting with friends (??), smiling in a short outfit looking at you
    On the first photo, the caption reads "When I am a grow-up,
    I'll do the same job as yours, mum".

  • Wandering...
  • outdoor, smiling, wearing a black outfit. sitting in a light outfit, holding a cup, smiling
    [Provided by
    Fabrice "de Marseille"]
    [Provided by
    Pedro De Bruyckere]
    On the second photo, the caption reads "Me, 'one of the boys',
    did you take a look at me?".

  • Glamourous
  • gorgeous in a low-necked black dress
    [Provided by
    Pedro De Bruyckere]

  • GQ Magazine - August '97

  • (604x850)





    [Provided by Leonard Dreger]

  • Best Magazine - November '97

  • (407x600)




    [Provided by Delphine Gayon]

  • Jalouse Magazine - November '97

  • (610x800)






    [Provided by Delphine Gayon]

  • Sharleen and her guitar
  • standing behind her guitar, looking at you
    [Provided by Pedro De Bruyckere]

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