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I hear string in songs when they're not there
I see things in darkness when i'm scared
I feel cold out when it's sunny

Make a joke and laugh about it
Feel like you're a moving target
Wish all this had never started

Cut my hair and then I cut my skin
Hurt myself instead of hurting him
Feels like it's a nightmare I'm in

Say one thing and think another
Stay in bed cos you're not bothered
Pray that it will soon be over

He told you that he loved you he'd stay with you
oh you're a fool
don't believe what people say they never stay anyway

He kissed me and then he stayed the night
I can't see that things could work out right
seems as if I'll mess up some way

Hold his hand the world seems all new
Understand things when he's near you
Now he's gone it all seems untrue

He left her he said he cared that he'd be there
when you're scared
(Dont believe what those people say it's lies anyway)

I don't think they will/ I just can't sit still
Funny kind of ill/ Idon't wanna think about it
Showed me that your love/ but it's not enough
I can't ever trust/ I don't wanna think about it
You're there by my side/ then I asked you why
Could it be you lied?/ I don't wanna think about it.

My phone rings but there's no one there (hello?)
All my dreams have vanished in thin air
Was it real when you said you'd care

Once you kissed or did you dream it?
Bought a gift but he's not seen it
How'd you know he didn't mean it?

When he's gone it all goes wrong
Smashed up your home now you're alone

All of what you said/ goes round in my head
when i lie in bed/ i don't wanna think about it
i'm too paranoid/ you could get annoyed/
so did other boys/ i don't wanna think about it.
heard it all before/ gets to be a bore
God my head is sore/ I don't wanna think about it


When I wake up on Monday
I don't know why I ever let you stay
Not a night to remember
I think you'd better be gone by Tuesday
You'll be sad when I tell you
But you have got to go so

Don't cry I know you can take it
Your heart I never could break it
I just want to wake up alone

Im not the same girl that you once knew
Cos now I know what I have to do
So brace yourself for a big surprise
There's malicious intent in my eyes
I've started counting the days with you
And the hours and the hours and minutes too
Don't try to win me with your charm
It'll only... do you harm

When I wake up on Tuesday
I can't believe that I let you get your way
You smile while you're sleeping
I feel sick that I was such a weakling
But this time I mean it
You are gonna go, so

Don't cry you'll find another
Or go stay with your mother
I just wanna wake up alone


I keep my hand hidden from view
A poker face is what's called for with you
I hold my cards tight to my chest
Just one misjudged look, and you'll guess the rest

Look in the glass, reflections of me
My cards lade bare on the table to see
(Look, can't you see me? Acting cool, when
Really I'm scared, that this game's unfair)

My cheating eyes are all that you know
Now you're the banker, it's your turn to go
(You could cheat me if you wanted to
I could not think any worse of you
Each way I lose a heart but somehow I lost the art
Of playing these stupid games, you're gonna win again and)

I don't know what to do
I've gambled everything but you still ask for more
I can't afford not to give
Just one more chance, If only for the past
I know it's my last now

Not much to lose, when you've lost it all
But why must you take it so hard when you fall

I'll pay again at your asking price
I must accept it, but your look's like ice
(I've tried to delay to put off the day
It comes clear you don't need me here)

Dragged through the mill numb to it all
Just when I thought it was my turn to call
(I know it is time for me to leave
Turn my worst fears into certainty
But I can't bring myself to leave for somewhere else
Without you forcing me which you won't do which means that


She was shy her self belief still left a lot to be desired
You compared her to her heroes she could not but feel inspired

She was taken in she believed
all the things you said were real
Never noticed she was feeling just as you meant her to feel

What you say and what you mean
are very different things indeed
what I'd give to hear you say
"It's love, OK"

Never say I'm the one who lied
I cross my heart and hope to die
Never say I'm a clueless tease
And most of all don't itchy chin me

All she said was she was trying
to believe in something new (in something new)
How the hell did you inform that
that she's leaving you

I forbid a single word to leave your lips
Till Ive explained (till i've explained)
well, that's it you've had your chance
I won't tell you the truth again

She is no longer fooled by your sad attempts to be cool
She could still love you though if you'd see her as an equal
if you'd just say what she wants you to
if you'd just say "I love you as you"
if you'd just say "please, don't say we're through"
if you'd just shed your pride
But you never do.


Don't ever speak that way to me again
In that way
I couldn't care less
If you loved me best
And don't say that you can love just once
For always
Try to forget all
Storybook drivel
And don't say you'll never love again
It's cliched
And so deluded
Stop being stupid

True love will
Never die
You don't think that's a lie?

When you're kissing, but still missing me
It's because you want to
When you're flirting but you're hurting still
It's because you try to
When you left her and said I was why
It's because you lie so
Kill your dreams and kill your love
I've had enough

Don't tell yourself that I'll be back any day
Hey you're just dreaming
I know that feeling
And don't keep on saying "let's still be friends"
There's no way
While you're still hoping
We could be loving
Can't you see true romance is dead
Dead always
So your heart's broken You must be joking

You think love is
Ceaseless and enduring
Well if that's so
It's unceasingly boring
No more always
For ever and repititous


Don't say it's groovy
Don't say that to me
Don't say I've had my chance

Missed a pill, it's no big deal (Oh no)
Pat my belly and I'll squeal (I missed)
Blood will often take its time (my pill)
'Specially when it's mine
I don't want to take a test (Don't want)
But I guess it's for the best (to take)
Just don't tell me what to think (that test.)
If it turns pink

What are you saying?
Should I believe you?
Why do you think that
It's the finest thing?

Oh no, not me
It c-c-c-c-c-c-couldn't be
I'm not so young
But l-l-l-l-life was getting fun
I won't believe that you could wish this on me
That you could want another me

Hey hey don't look so surprised (I'm just)
I thought you'd be on my side (a kid)
Kids are dandy, kids are fine (myself)
When they're not mine
It's not easy to explain (Don't want)
It just feels, well, kind of lame (to get)
And I don't want to get fat (that fat).
At least not for that.


I wonder why, why stars collide
Why she's there, why she's there with you
I made a wish that she'd be mine
But she's there but she's there with you
I saw my face, taking your place
But she never knew
What I'd felt what I'd do for...

For two whole nights she was in sight
I had my chance, had my chance with her
But wishing's not enough so I
I missed my chance, missed my chance with her
Please don't tell her, that I miss her
I'm not really sure, If she'd even recall my name.