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The Spplatter Effect - December 1993

P.U.N.K. Girl EP - Sarah Records/K

Imported by K from England's Sarah Records, Heavenly's P.U.N.K. Girl follows a few singles and a full length, Le Jardin de Heavenly. Le Jardin guest starred K and Beat Happening's Calvin and I believe I saw either Cathy or Amelia, keyboard and vocals and guitar and vocals respectively, sing with the Pooh Sticks a year or so ago, which should give you some idea of where they are coming from. This coed band (guitar, bass and drums are manned by men) writes playful, harmonic, shimmery songs about the good and bad points of love and independence from a female point of view, without tossing their youthful energy and delight hooks.

Not one of these five songs is even slighty weak, making it hard to single any out: "Atta Girl" and "Dig your own Grave" have particularly cool layered two parts vocal; "So?" is complertely acapella; and "P.U.N.K. Girl" and "Hearts&Crosses" approach giddy, sweet delerium. Try as you might to resist, you'll be singing along with this CD and will probably have the songs stuck in your head for weeks. I usually don't go in such cute-n-sweet pop outfits, by the apply-named Heavenly are quite frankly irresistable.

Written by Marie Burke