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Press Release

Operation Heavenly Press Release

30th September sees the release of a new single by HEAVENLY on Wiiija. Entitled "Space Manatee" the track is taken from the bands forthcoming lp "Operation Heavenly", the seven inch alson features the tracks, "You tore me down" and a cover of seminal Jam classic "Art School".

"Space Manatee" is a gravity-free acquatic mammal flying through space looking for love and edible plants. The countdown to popstardom and harmony starts here. Amelia's pure vocals clash with rocket launching guitar sounds and funky Hammond organ riffs as she traverses the universe hand-in-hand with the playpus/hippo from the other side of the milky way. Feel the freedom of perfect spacepop and launch Heavenly-wards into their galaxy of sounds.

"You Tore Me Down", a cover of The Flaming Groovies number, features jilted Amelia confronting the thoughtless bloke with her feelings as he tries to walk away (face the consequences of your actions, guys)and "Art School" takes us all back to the days when Paul Weller wrote songs for the kids. Good ones too.

Since the tragic death of Mathew Fletcher in June, the band have not yet make any concrete decisions for their future. It is likely that they will go into the studio next year and experiment. Hopefully they will resume their touring in the near future and record new material for release in 1997. It is too early to make any definitive statements as yet.

The latest album, Operation Heavenly, completed before Mathew's death, is their most commercial sounding material yet. Full of powerful pop songs, we hope that it turns out ot be their mature, full-bodied fourth album rather than their perfect swansong. "Operation Heavenly" is released on October 14th.